I’m Myrtea your virtual assistant and your data ambassador !

I can help you master your data and your business activity.

Giving a 360 degrees view of your business activity, the assistant helps you analyze and recommends the best action at the right moment for your “Business Moments”.

I can detect and predict

Be proactive by anticipating risky situations and business opportunities.

Thanks to machine learning techniques and its situation analysis approach, Myrtea understands your Business Moments and helps you to detect and anticipate them

I analyze, I can explain !

Find out the links and correlations between the indicators of your situation.

The Myrtea assistant leans on the power of AI, your business modelisation and the multi experience to bring a unified analysis experience.

I can tell you what to do !

Have insights about which actions to take at every situation and every moment.

Myrtea recommends the best action at the right moment.

I notify you when you need so

Be aware at every moment of what is happening.

Myrtea notifies you of every potential deviation or business opportunity.

How can I help you ?

Talk to Myrtea in natural language and get the answer to all of your questions