Bring data alive !

Revolutionize your decision making thanks to Myrtea, the virtual assistant !

Your decisions are important !


Your decision making is slowed because of burdensome processus


Your decisions have an important impact on your business


You have lots of datas and it slows you down in your decision making

An artificial intelligence for rational decision

  • Clear, intelligent and user-friendly decision help support
  • A real time assistant for your Business Moments
  • Relevant data at the right time

Myrtea won the Innovation Trophy at the Big Data fair 2019 !

How Myrtea will help you to take better decisions faster ?

Your activity is measured

  • Myrtea Detects

    The assistant allows you to respond in real time to your Business Moments and thus manage opportunities and risks of your activity.

  • Myrtea Analyzes

    Don't waste any more time looking for causes of your activity problems! Thanks to its machine learning techniques, Myrtea gives factual explanations for its detections.

  • Myrtea Recommends

    Myrtea ensures you making the right decision by recommending the most relevant actions to implement for solving a problem or seize an opportunity!

  • You take the best decision !

A generic and easily adaptable solution

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